7/31/14: [X]

Does anyone else envision interview questions like:

Small child: Mister Toews, do you like grapes?

JT: Well, I do like grapes. Kaner though - Patrick Kane - he likes the green ones, and that’s just wrong. Red all the way. Red all the way, right?

Adult person: How do you feel about adult beverages?

JT: What, you mean like, soda? Kaner - he’s a fan of that Dr. Pepper, I think they make a lot of it back where he grew up. 

Older gentleman: So, like a lot of hockey players, you seem to like golf. Is it mostly because as an athlete, you have to have low-risk sports? 

JT: Yeah, yeah, I like golf, been playing some this summer. But Patrick Kane, Kaner, yeah, he’s not so good of it. I’m just kidding. He’s not that bad. Not that bad.

just my thoughts on smtm3 episode 5:

thank god busan boy is gone i hated his attitude from the very beginning and how he acts like a complete bully and is constantly trying to make people who he thinks is “weak” look bad. hope i never see you again or youd better change that motherfucking attitude of yours

iron is just too adorable it hurts and im really glad that his was one of the last perfs because my mood was going seriously downhill at that point…

olltii is incredibly talented but the fact that he got himself involved in this rivalry thing is what’s going to prevent him from getting a chance at winning.

thank god bi is thick skinned because as cringeworthy as his perfs are, he never runs with his tail between his legs unlike someone cough jidam. i just remember how much he blew me away on win and he is capable of so. much. more. 

bobby killing it as usual. all the rage he gets from olltii just makes him stronger

everyones disappointed in giri this episode but i feel like he was just trying something new, and now that he knows its not working he’s going to go for a different approach next episode.

can someone translate why that guy who didnt show up for ydg’s preliminary practice got pissed at giri? 

i dont know shit about korean hiphop to be able to comment on vascos perf, but i just know that my heart was pounding

and snacky chans blushing like crazy lmfao that was so cute

(and sSOOOOOOO excited for next episode! did anyone see bobby’s curls he is so cute!!!! and the suits gODDDDD korean boys+suits stab me)


Well, first of all, it’s pretty blatant obvious that the editing is focusing more and more on B.I and Bobby.

Which is total bullshit like I don’t care about them. I don’t care if they’re idols or if they are apart of YG Entertainment. I don’t give a shit about any of that. This show is…

no comment on double b because i like them a lot and i know i`ll be biased as fuck

toy on the other hand, isn`t anything special / and illionaire chose her because the other two left didn`t deserve to be there (one i remember was picked by ydg during his idgaf picking)

her soundcloud, have a blast